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Interior Design
Interior Designing is the designing of inside structure of rooms, hall etc to give a pleasant and aesthetic experience to the end users. It is gaining popularity as the urban middle class population is rising in Indian cities.This urban population has the dream house in their mind , Akshara constructions interiors make this dream into reality.

The growth of consumerism, globalisation, awareness and better living standards has given the choice to customers to spend on luxurious lifestyle.

Today , when we think of our own house or office, whether in planning , utilization of place, arrangement of interiors, selection of color or paint , tiles or marbles, flooring material, buying furniture, curtains, furnishing materials, electrical lighting fittings, we check whether it is good looking at the best price as it is said the first impression has the lasting impact.

Interior designing is a combination of art and science where the basic planning, space planning, functional design, selection and specification of Interior furnishing and furniture, color schemes, cost estimation and implementation is considered along with that it is seen that it has a soothing and relaxing impact on the mind of the end user by arranging each and every thing in an aesthetic manner.